Problematic I would be if people got a hold of me

I’m not sure what they would see wrought with fear and jealousy

No colorblind men

We’re taught to hate

We cover it up

Pretend to relate

And we hate ourselves too

Expecting to be handed an I love you

But continue to have judgment on the menu

And who knows how we’ll fall when God calls us out on it all

We’re selective

We’ve got extremely skewed perspectives

And ain’t no amount of electives gon teach us

We holla “work together” then we put it beneath us

Because the hate make it hard to get ahead

And reality makes it hard to lie in bed

Admitting that our free world is really not a great battle of good and evil

There are the decisions of a few

Opinions of a great many

We could argue payroll and how they’ll take every penny

Our religious hang-ups

Preoccupations with sex

Denial of real issues one generation to the next

Hell’s highway forged in blood

Someone’s mother shedding tears

Every decade it gets harder to celebrate living

It’s all about having

Not breathing

Certainly not giving

But who can afford to give a dollar away when they’re living above their means anyway

I’m constantly just trying to get by

I know it’s problematic

Constantly trying not to panic

I’m bipolar

Can’t keep my moods in check

Feelings carefree for second

Then up to my neck in problems in the next

So be forgiving if I don’t pay attention half the time to the world’s problems

I can’t even solve my own

I see the headlines and I’m angry and I feel hopeless

I don’t want to know this

But everyone sees the black on my skin

I can hide my feelings but I can’t hold the color in

And it’s supposed to make me act some kind of way

I don’t know how

I don’t even have rhythm and I didn’t listen to any rap today

I’ve always been the oddball

I like books better than people

They don’t stereotype me or compete with me either

Why can’t we exist without having to be best

I’m down with ambitious but give the competition a rest

I can’t have no friends because they are Joneses I gotta keep up with

When I really just wanna see what’ s up with

Watch some anime and share a couple of shots with

But I gotta cinch my waist and beat the down the gym door

Do my squats everyday, and cardio in the early morning

And going to work is like a period of mourning

And going to school chasing the big bucks is my current struggle

And I know it’s been sung in song

But I’ll say it again

People just can’t be real so no new friends

Makes life boring

But drama these days is so corny

When even minding your business can incite calamity

Seems like the whole world is problematic


The World I See

Pander to the violins not to crush my dreams
Lets the drums roll like thunder to announce my coming of age
It came in stages unlike my foolishness that prevailed all at once
The sun broke my cloudy exterior
I can see the outside world for what it is now
It is not the playground I imagined
It is not quite the war torn desolation I read about
It is a land that is paradise for some and a nightmare for others
Where mothers cry at the funerals of their sons
And people are rewarded for mediocrity
But sometimes…
Good prevails
Love conquers hearts
And children cause old men to remember their imaginations
Producing laughter not originating from madness but from joy deep in their bellies


All that glitter ain’t gold
And I don’t give a damn what he say she say
There ain’t no realness to be told
And honestly that is the problem these days
We got honesty and courage on hold
Wishing for a big payday
What the hell is that anyway?
Girls looking for a sucka on Instagram
Trying to earn a spot on Love and Hip-Hop
Aspiring to be side chicks now
Disillusioned figuring we never first anyhow
Unless it’s first in line to be shot down
Like enemy planes
And isn’t it strange that black men are also overseas fighting in American ranks?
But are the first to be dehumanized like automatons with clockwork cranks
Because the dark man must be preprogrammed to steal, kill, and destroy like the fallen angel
And I know of a few psychotic men and they were not all black
Think again
Reevaluate the profiles
For if you think all sociopaths are white and all thugs are black you are in denial
And it’ s poison from all sides so I can’t take sides
The things we all believe ingrained in us like idiosyncrasies
Black kids taught not to trust the police
And the police trained not to trust me
So who’s protecting us if ya’ll the ones shooting?
That’s why people are scared, outraged, and protesting
Both sides need to spit out the bullcrap they’re ingesting
Why do we need to reignite war in America?
If everybody would do what’s right that would kill the hysteria
Especially if they would unslant the media
We could write American next to peace on Wikipedia
It would be he said she said nothing but the truth
And the worse thing going on would be misunderstood youth
Think about it from an impartial perspective
You’ll see we all have screwed up opinions on what’s defective

It is normal for children to play and feel safe
It is not normal to fight in the streets
It is not normal to hate a person for breathing
It shouldn’t be normal to sexualize young girls
It shouldn’t be normal for fathers to teach their sons that they are already displaced in this world

Think about it.