It’s Not Them It’s You

The world is not against you I promise it’s just a few In your world you may feel all alone You couldn’t trust yourself if you needed to You murder your own confidence and there is no one that can resurrect it Until you get over your hang ups you have no choice except to accept your position Walking around with a hole in your heart but nothing is really missing Your path to greatness is just beyond your self doubt There’s something urging you to move forward but you won’t listen You looking for love in the face of the wrong things not realizing that you’re creating a distance You’re no caged bird You won’t even sing I’d ask you to fly but are you listening? You could be but a flutter of beautiful wings but you’re stuck trying to be seen But baby, fame won’t come when it’s invited No one will catch you being kind because everyone simply needs Even you…


When you’re angry with me

I don’t take rejection very well It’s like when I lose my temper Nothing matters Cold like December I freeze over My idle hands empty as my mind becomes. Heavy and graceless And the tears won’t run It seems redundant. So the sun goes down on a frown, maybe the longest running. And whatever angry energy remains at 3 in the morning turns to sadness and full blown depression by five And rather than be in my feelings I’m scarcely alive having shut down and retreated as far as I can to hide away from my own heart