Prelude to a kiss

Your words but a prelude to a kiss unlocking the door
inviting me into passion unleashed
at the climax of a fantasy
Fancy tickled
Smile stretched to an O
Limbs scattered
and it mattered about the time only because
we both were counting down to forever
but even that wouldn’t be enough to enjoy the suffix on the end of the word love
or the continuous action towards life’s satisfaction
after that one kiss


Warmth at the end of the night

The end of the night was actually the best
Not because I was off work or because I wanted to rest
It was because I had time to let you know how much you mean to me
And if everything else seemed to be done in a rush With you I took my time, really calm without a fuss
I hugged you with my words and kissed you in my dreams
I hope one day you will truly understand me
Even with my volatile emotions with tears at weird moments
You trigger all my smiley faces
You’ve been a remedy to my insanity
You’ve been touching my very humanity
Warming the cold heart of the girl almost turned robot

Pointless Conflict

I’ve been stuck in closets
I chose to live in a box
When I burst out of it
There were bright colors, lots of fights and ill thoughts
Some people want to choose your choices
Funny that’s really not much of a choice
Don’t shun me for being quiet then get mad about hearing my voice
If my voice is a boom
My opinion resounds
We could be royalty
Why compete for a crown?
We crown ourselves fools when we go head to head
We crown ourselves ratchet with he said she said
We’re so educated, beautiful
So well put together
But when we argue about frivolous things…
Guess what?
We’re called ghetto
Social networking to be heard for the wrong reasons
Starting war for no clear reason
Personal vendettas?
We don’t like each other?
When the people that instigate don’t care if we’re sisters, wives, or mothers
And the things that you’re bashing me for you’ve done yourself
And your hate and distaste doesn’t alter my health
Even resorting to bold face lies
You’re crazed and consumed
Bet it’s blackening your eyes
Clouding up your aura
Trying to seep into mine
It bothers me on a different level
Hurts a little because it’s personal
But I’m talking in general
As black women why can’t we keep cattiness to a minimum?
As women why is being friends so unfeminine?
As people why can’t we politely disagree?
In conversations could you say in one sentence why you choose to hate me?
If you can’t then you’re wrong
To say hate is too strong
Even to dislike is questionable
The warning light is on
Time for a sanity check
Throw cold water on your face
Tell me
Are you awake yet?
Do I really affect your life with my decisions?
You don’t affect mine with yours
What’s with all the tension?
That’s a lot of wasted energy
Not even worth an honorable mention
Your soapbox speeches meant to degrade shouldn’t get so much attention
And let me point out that during our back and forth
We’re on each other’s minds like a pair of lovers