Caught in the moment

You started talking and I stopped walking
Captivated by the things you said
And I heard jeering because some people be hating
They can huff and puff till they face turn red
And when I kissed you I did it on purpose
Bit your lip on purpose
Henny shot
Took it straight to the head
You had me so drunk
Shoulda brought a lunch
Because I got hungry
Wanted you like cornbread
Your aftertaste so sweet
I stayed light on my feet
I was gliding on clouds
Moonwalking for miles
We stayed on a level after clearing the game
I even told you my real name
And though you loved my character
Seeing my face made it better
Sigh of relief from my chest
You made me sweat
Arms across my shoulder
Said you let me win
Since you fell in love with me being your friend


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