The Breakdown of a Breakup

The trail ran cold in the middle of winter
All of my senses left me
It was the worse isolation I can remember
I had felt benevolent placing a kiss on your forehead
But now I suddenly remember your smile through your teeth

I’m inhaling cold air to breathe
But the cold air in my lungs makes my chest hurt
I am treading my feet inertly on the ground
Having no particular place to be
No reason to hold my head up
So I look down because I feel down
And if my emotions sink any deeper I’ll drown

I don’t think it’s hard to miss in this eerie silence
The shattering of glass
My heart breaking
My soul screaming
My teeth chattering
My whole being shaking

Everything seems collapsible
And I thought I was unstoppable
But I was silly
It’s unmentionable


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