Caught in the moment

You started talking and I stopped walking
Captivated by the things you said
And I heard jeering because some people be hating
They can huff and puff till they face turn red
And when I kissed you I did it on purpose
Bit your lip on purpose
Henny shot
Took it straight to the head
You had me so drunk
Shoulda brought a lunch
Because I got hungry
Wanted you like cornbread
Your aftertaste so sweet
I stayed light on my feet
I was gliding on clouds
Moonwalking for miles
We stayed on a level after clearing the game
I even told you my real name
And though you loved my character
Seeing my face made it better
Sigh of relief from my chest
You made me sweat
Arms across my shoulder
Said you let me win
Since you fell in love with me being your friend


The Breakdown of a Breakup

The trail ran cold in the middle of winter
All of my senses left me
It was the worse isolation I can remember
I had felt benevolent placing a kiss on your forehead
But now I suddenly remember your smile through your teeth

I’m inhaling cold air to breathe
But the cold air in my lungs makes my chest hurt
I am treading my feet inertly on the ground
Having no particular place to be
No reason to hold my head up
So I look down because I feel down
And if my emotions sink any deeper I’ll drown

I don’t think it’s hard to miss in this eerie silence
The shattering of glass
My heart breaking
My soul screaming
My teeth chattering
My whole being shaking

Everything seems collapsible
And I thought I was unstoppable
But I was silly
It’s unmentionable

Sake and Dessert

I can feel the warmth in my toes
Head a little hazy
Feeling a little lazy
Thinking of something crazy
Like hopping on plane to get to you
I would really love to be next you
I’d kiss you first then take your hand
I’m ready to drink more
I’m ready to have fun
Let’s sprawl out on your living room floor
Let’s tell old stories
Let’s play old head music
Let’s slow dance and laugh because I have no rhythm
Let’s enjoy each other like I enjoy my sake
Feeling warm in my cheeks
Let me lay on your chest with that one song on repeat
Hold me from one day to the next like you’ll never leave me
Say you love me in short breathes like you ain’t got nothing else
Let me look into your eyes and find a new sense of self
Overwhelmed by your lucidity and real emotion that you felt
Let my hot tears fall not from sadness but from joy
Sincerely appreciating that you’re still apart of my story
And there’s no strings or hard demands just a request that we just be
However we can as family and friends down for each other
However love wanna be
Hopefully deep dipped in chocolate sincerity
Like my dessert and my sake
Warm and sweet