The mood changes
The sun begins to set as the night begins to unfold in slow motion
I’m dancing in my own little corner
The dim lights look amber on my skin
I’m glistening with sweat and you can see the droplets forming on my brow
Your stares wrap me up like folding arms and caress me with roaming hands
You bite your lip a little harder at the sight of every curve
I am just swaying to the music
Arms up lost in that warm liquor soaked air
The fabric of my dress pulls taut against my skin as I bend and sway
You lean forward on your elbows as you sit there with your mouth watering
Someone near me drops a glass
I jump back trying not to get my shoes wet
I feel a tingle down my back and look around
I find your eyes and walk over
You smell good I say
Your whole aura is intoxicating
Can I sit down?
I need to know your name
It should be desire but I’m sure your name will roll of my tongue eloquently
As you graciously kiss my hand after having whispered it to me


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