Should’ve said no
Should’ve pushed back
Shouldn’t have let it go
I keep feeling that
Different times in life
When I ain’t feeling right
Late into the night when I hug my pillow
Instead of safe and sound, man I feel so little
Where people have and whittled and carved me
I’ve got scars
Not sure they knew the harm they caused
Not sure they cared at all
I dream about the past sometimes
For some reason I can’t forget
I’m hoping I finally learn something from it
But very little in my life makes sense
Trying to emerge from chaos
Questioning past actions hard
Tired of feeling uncomfortable
Tired of being stepped on
I shall tolerate no bullies in my yard
My compassion and empathy is my strength
And when I have to turn it off I’m not at my best
I’ve come to know that I can bear a lot of things
But sometimes I just need to rest


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