All that glitter ain’t gold
And I don’t give a damn what he say she say
There ain’t no realness to be told
And honestly that is the problem these days
We got honesty and courage on hold
Wishing for a big payday
What the hell is that anyway?
Girls looking for a sucka on Instagram
Trying to earn a spot on Love and Hip-Hop
Aspiring to be side chicks now
Disillusioned figuring we never first anyhow
Unless it’s first in line to be shot down
Like enemy planes
And isn’t it strange that black men are also overseas fighting in American ranks?
But are the first to be dehumanized like automatons with clockwork cranks
Because the dark man must be preprogrammed to steal, kill, and destroy like the fallen angel
And I know of a few psychotic men and they were not all black
Think again
Reevaluate the profiles
For if you think all sociopaths are white and all thugs are black you are in denial
And it’ s poison from all sides so I can’t take sides
The things we all believe ingrained in us like idiosyncrasies
Black kids taught not to trust the police
And the police trained not to trust me
So who’s protecting us if ya’ll the ones shooting?
That’s why people are scared, outraged, and protesting
Both sides need to spit out the bullcrap they’re ingesting
Why do we need to reignite war in America?
If everybody would do what’s right that would kill the hysteria
Especially if they would unslant the media
We could write American next to peace on Wikipedia
It would be he said she said nothing but the truth
And the worse thing going on would be misunderstood youth
Think about it from an impartial perspective
You’ll see we all have screwed up opinions on what’s defective

It is normal for children to play and feel safe
It is not normal to fight in the streets
It is not normal to hate a person for breathing
It shouldn’t be normal to sexualize young girls
It shouldn’t be normal for fathers to teach their sons that they are already displaced in this world

Think about it.



The pull is otherworldly
It’s like a fog suddenly descends as you walk toward me
Your eyes seem to glow
It could be desire or maybe it’s just carnal instinct
The tension is leaving my body and my bra strap is sliding
You grab my breast as if you’re grabbing for life
You kiss me like power will enter your body via my mouth
My lips almost burn with the heat you radiate
My movements seem to be almost beyond my control
It’s very hard to focus so I just release my mind to wander
And it takes me to another place like we’re not merely in a room
Breathing hard in a flurry of rapid movement and falling articles of clothing
You stand there and I feel like I’ve never seen naked flesh
I’m gasping
my heart is beating fast
I am amazed at your beauty
I am always amazed
It’s like I called tails on a coin flip
The odds were in my favor and I got lucky
Except I don’t really look at you like a charm or a trophy
It really impossible for me to compare you to anything inanimate
You are so unapologetically alive
Your touch is awareness
Your breath on my neck awakens all dormant sensations
Your arms around me
Your body joined with me
The pleasure you freely give is a trap door in a cloud
I’m sure we were floating
I’m sure I’ve become rain coming down
And it’s the misty kind that cools the summer night


The mood changes
The sun begins to set as the night begins to unfold in slow motion
I’m dancing in my own little corner
The dim lights look amber on my skin
I’m glistening with sweat and you can see the droplets forming on my brow
Your stares wrap me up like folding arms and caress me with roaming hands
You bite your lip a little harder at the sight of every curve
I am just swaying to the music
Arms up lost in that warm liquor soaked air
The fabric of my dress pulls taut against my skin as I bend and sway
You lean forward on your elbows as you sit there with your mouth watering
Someone near me drops a glass
I jump back trying not to get my shoes wet
I feel a tingle down my back and look around
I find your eyes and walk over
You smell good I say
Your whole aura is intoxicating
Can I sit down?
I need to know your name
It should be desire but I’m sure your name will roll of my tongue eloquently
As you graciously kiss my hand after having whispered it to me


I thought I would kiss you in that moment but I didn’t
Don’t know why
Honestly there was nothing stopping me
The smell, your smell
A musky, sweaty, worn off cologne scent
I inhaled it and wanted to own it
I choked up because I almost had it
You had your arms open
I was so afraid to be there
Your heart had always been open
And there I had always rested
With so much energy invested there
It has to be hard to let go
I guess that’s why I can’t either
But with one hand I hold you
With the other I’m pushing you away
Neither of us is sure what we really want in the long run
But then again with us things were always in the moment
There are moments you seize what I don’t say
Because you can see it in my eyes even when you ain’t looking that hard
The desire swallows you up
The secret thoughts devour my dreams
It’s so obvious
I’m sorry it’s so obvious


Should’ve said no
Should’ve pushed back
Shouldn’t have let it go
I keep feeling that
Different times in life
When I ain’t feeling right
Late into the night when I hug my pillow
Instead of safe and sound, man I feel so little
Where people have and whittled and carved me
I’ve got scars
Not sure they knew the harm they caused
Not sure they cared at all
I dream about the past sometimes
For some reason I can’t forget
I’m hoping I finally learn something from it
But very little in my life makes sense
Trying to emerge from chaos
Questioning past actions hard
Tired of feeling uncomfortable
Tired of being stepped on
I shall tolerate no bullies in my yard
My compassion and empathy is my strength
And when I have to turn it off I’m not at my best
I’ve come to know that I can bear a lot of things
But sometimes I just need to rest