Thrill of Life

Love is just the thrill of life
Like thread makes a seam
It seems that love is nothing more than an embodiment of dreams
Dreamlike bliss on a cliché bed of roses
And when it’s all tears and runny noses
Cold hearts and mayhem
Begging the stars to forget them
We still don’t realize love was just the moment
And there will be more moments
More chances to be smitten
And repeatedly bitten
Lusty, guiltily written notes of repentance
Musical interludes from most gentle to most jarring
Hips searching as they circle and sway
The bass getting louder
Hands flying into the air
Us daring not reveal that we have no other set of hands to reach for
Unable to love a person, we love moments in dark places
We see it in objects, arms, legs, bosoms, lips
We see it and suddenly believe we can be touched


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