Listen and Look

So I guess to be heard I actually gotta scream
Shall I do it bright and smiley or really dark and mean
I’m just trying to decide what direction to be extreme
I just wanna be heard so ya’ll can see what I mean
When I’m saying pain exists and we are trained to ignore
Poverty, tragedy, sin unless politicians explore it
The wages of sin is death and ya’ll already know
But if it’s down to bra and panties you’ll happily indulge it
Now nothing’s wrong with being naked
It’s just how it’s presented as deviant, lewd, and demented
A quick ticket to the clinic instead of just photogenic
Like girls just can’t be pretty, voluptuous even worse
And boys ain’t got it better if they can’t buy a purse
Their jock sizes and Jordans , and wallets make them a name
No honesty or integrity
Just a race to some fame
For fifteen minutes of glory most would auction their names
The problem is real intelligence bears the stigma of shame
In school they called them nerds, geeks, dorks, and squares
They should’ve been called spectacular because the power was theirs
We get too caught up in everyday life to care
But I’m telling you the reality’s right on tv
The ignorance and wastefulness is right there
It’s not on vh1
Flip the channel
Turn on the news
They’re all right there, monstrously oblivious
Not in urban wear but in expensive suits
No guns and loud music
Cut yours down a minute, I’m serious
Pens signing off on siphoning wealth to their pockets
Even criminal
The attention paid is minimal
And as for crime in general
Nobody snitches for fear of the consequence
Law enforcement and judges preach a lot of this
But couldn’t see injustice with Treyvon and other incidents
They throw us crumbs to be quiet
Just enough to get by
Stuffed full of cheap fast food and ramen
And they pretend to wonder why obesity rates ain’t fallen
Better listen and look


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