Grass Seemed Greener

There was green grass in that whisper

You said everything I wanted to hear

You were the switch I was the light fixture

But like all things you cost me something

I wish it was only money but you cost me time

Time I suddenly wanted back

The horizontal view of you was like a restaurant that cost a lot but never served enough food

Everything I heard from you was skewed

All I could think of was what you lacked

You were the punch line of all my friends’ jokes

I had no witty comebacks

I had plenty people saying come through

It was harder than hard to stay loyal to you

I try to remember what it was I had seen

Then I remember how I thought your grass was so green

Karma so beautiful

Karma so mean

Perception so tricky I was dead at the scene

Hit with something

Was it love or a bullet?

Going off halfcocked

So many people are foolish

In a hurry to end up waiting to exhale

To feel some cool air outside of living hell

Don’t rush, blow your fork, and chew your food, swallow

That person you think so great might not be tomorrow


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