That Getting Money Thing

Not everybody getting money

I’m not

But I got plenty people holding me down

Not everybody applauding me or calling me hot

But still I know I will gain ground

Days I cry silently wishing I could scream

I want to delete my Facebook, my Instagram

Swearing if I see one more meme

I’m gonna give up social media

Because all I see is people living my dreams

And I forget that some people are pretenders

And others have struggled to be where they are

I have to congratulate them to bring a note of positivity into my peripheral vision

I have to note that journeys in life are long but not never-ending

So I shouldn’t waste them just existing

Waiting for my day

Waiting for THE day

Didn’t somebody say seize the day?


I am chomping the bit

I want I want I need

I am grinding for that dime

But I feel like I’m working for a dime

I constantly feeling like I’m wasting my time

But I can’t hack into the great hourglass to accelerate my future

I must contend with my past and finally learn a lesson

Like counting my blessings instead of wishing and clicking, saving long lists like an obsession

I haven’t found what I love yet
I just realized that

Don’t judge my confession


I have it in my head that I need to settle down

I have this nagging voice in my head that tells me to be afraid

I have not figured things out

I am rational and not as brave as I’d like to be

But I’m done trying to be other people

Although I’m lost trying to find me

People ask what my plans are

I can only tell them what I might be

And I might say what I feel and people might not like me

But at least I’ll know I’m being real


And about that getting money thing

Who knows what’s in store?

It could be you and me just dandy with dimes that made dollars


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